As the world around us becomes more and more digitized and automated, the imperfections and flaws once celebrated as a craftsman's signature have become antiquated and lost. We've lost the warmth of that human impression. Machine made perfection has its place and will continue to be a large part of our culture. What we can't afford to lose is that human connection to something crafted by hands - something filled with the love and passion passed on by the artist's skill in his or her creation.

At US Artisan, we too strive for perfection, but appreciate and applaud our inability to compete with machines. We want our audience to know that a person made this - a living, breathing human being.

Our hope at US Artisan is that you will experience the love and affection emanating from each and every piece we create. We invest a large part of our heart and soul into our creations and strive to impart that bliss back to you.